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OK, we’re just days away from Christmas, and I’m still working on my shopping list. There are just so many gifts that I know would make a lot of people around here pretty happy!

Let’s see, for Douggie and little Howie, I’m seeking a speedy wide receiver who can run a route and catch a football, a big offensive lineman, and – oh yeah – a couple of cornerbacks, too, if possible.  (I fear that Amazon has a limited supply of all of those commodities, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.)

For Uncle Pete, the baseball guy, I’ve put in an order for a clean bill of health for young pitchers Aaron Nola, Zach Eflin and Mark Appel … and for Appel to make the jump to the big leagues and into the rotation.

For Misters Hextall and Hakstol, I’m searching for a magic potion that will allow Steve Mason to channel Bernie Parent around April or May. And for Bryan Colangelo, I’m hoping to give him the gift of courage – courage to subtract one of those expendable “bigs” (since it’s Christmas time, I’m guessing it will be “Noel”) and get something we can all appreciate in return.

Ahh, heck. One more thing from my lengthy list. Having spoken again with Birds long-time broadcaster Merrill Reese the other night, I’m going to go ahead and put in an order for an Eagles Super Bowl win … to be delivered at any point in the next five years. The sooner the better, of course. Neither Merrill nor I are gonna be around forever, ya know?

That’s all. Let’s hope I can be successful with at least SOME of that holiday list!            –Jim “Chet” Chesko