Philly Pressbox Radio Class of 2017 Hall of Fame Broadcaster Ballot

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VOTING HAS ENDED!! Thanks to all that participated

Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable recently elected our 4th Hall of Fame class. The first three vote getters as selected by the fans were Roller Derby Hall of Famer Judy Arnold, Hockey Hall of Famer Mark Howe and Basketball Hall of Famer Moses Malone. Chet selected Phillies standout Dick Allen and Bill selected Flyers great Brian Propp.

The second part of the ballot is to select a broadcaster in a separate vote. Last year Harry Kalas was our first winner. With Harry gone, we’ve added a fourth nominee for the Class of 2017 to join Bill Campbell, Gene Hart and Merrill Reese. That would be Phillies P.A. announcer Dan Baker.

Your job is to select ONE from the list. The ballot will close before the Wednesday 8/16 show when we will announce our new inductees.

So far the fans and the Philly Pressbox Radio staff have gotten it right.