Giving Thanks (Chet’s Take, 11-22-17)

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As I write this, it’s Thanksgiving Eve, so it’s a good time to send out a few thank yous!

First of all, thank you, Rhys Hoskins … for turning a largely forgettable Phillies season into a reason to watch in August and September.

Thank you, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid … for giving us signs that our four-year trust in a so-called “process” might actually pay off!

Thank you, Howie Roseman … for all of the wheeling and dealing and other smart decisions that made the Eagles a legitimate Super Bowl contender. On a related note, a big thank you to the Cleveland Browns for deciding 19 months ago that Carson Wentz wasn’t a guy that could help your sorry franchise. Well, guess what: You’re 1-and-25 since that decision. Again, thanks, Cleveland!

A special thank you to Ray Didinger, Glen Macnow, Merrill Reese, Tom Moore, Kevin Reilly, Fred Barnett, Brandon Lee Gowton, Jayson Stark, Mike Kern, Mike Sielski, Keith Pompey, Dei Lynam, Leslie Gudel, Bill Meltzer, Ken Dunek, Steve Jones, Ryan Bates, Andrew Kalista, Bill Bradley, Frank Fitzpatrick, Nick McIlwain, Lou Nolan, Carl Henderson and the many other amazing guests we’ve had in recent months. None of you “needs” to come on our little show, yet you’ve all done so — many of you having made multiple visits. We do appreciate it.

Thank you, certainly, to Bill Furman and Fred Hugo, too … for all that you guys do every week. A huge thank you to our primary sponsor since last spring, the Irish Rover Station House, and to Bob Sullivan at And, of course, thanks to our listeners and everyone who checks out our website. We wouldn’t have a reason to do all of this if it weren’t for all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!             –Jim “Chet” Chesko